Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our first "Meet and Greet"

Holy Cow. I really can't believe my little one is starting preschool. And so it begins.....
We went the other night to meet her teacher, Miss Nicole. I say meet, but really Makenzie has known her for over and year and LOVES her. Well, we all love her. She is fantastic. To be honest, we are very blessed to have her. Makenzie was suppose to be taking preschool from my dear closest friend, but with distance and money being a factor, we needed to go somewhere closer. I didn't want to pick just anyone. Our prayers were answered when my dear friend Nicole told me she was going to do preschool! She is close enough to walk to, so no gas money even, and she is so incredible with kids. Makenzie also gets to be in class with some of her friends too!
All in all, we are so excited. Makenize was JUMPING out of her skin with excitement this night. It was an ice cream social. She had the best time.
I love my little girl, and this mommy is going to have a hard time letting go:)

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