Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy 1 Year Little Man

So I am going to jump out of order for a minute to celebrate my little man's birthday. He is ONE!! I really can't believe he is already gotten here. He has been such a joy in our lives. He came to us 3 weeks early, and that is when we should have known he is going to be a little boy who just pushes ahead and does what he wants:) He has been our crazy little spirit that keeps us on our toes, but in all the right ways. He is always smiling, Aunt Corinna has nicknamed him "Joe Smiley". He is just that, and we are so thankful for his personality.
He is very much in love with his older sister, who treats him great. She teaches him how to "talk" and helps him to his sign language. She is also very protective and helps him be safe. We love him so much and are very grateful he came to complete our family:) XOXO

Here is the family, pumped to be there:)
Well...... maybe not the guys:) They were great sports though.
Holy PREGO Kim! Corinna's head was tired.

Growing some chest hair...
Look how excited he is about the new walker! Thanks Gma and Arnells!
Didn't do too much for the decor. He's one. Does that make me a bad mom?:)
I also just let go a little and let Makenzie decorate his cake. I figured he wouldn't mind and she really loved it. So, letting go of the control was hard, but totally worth it to see her face:)
Here is the moment.... Makenzie was trying to be really sweet and give Mason a lick from her finger, and then he bit it....HARD. There is no kidding around with this boy, his bites hurt ME really bad. About 5 seconds after this picture, Makenzie let out a scream heard 'round the world. Then, Mason started crying. It was a real treat, ask my family:)
My little man really went for it... no fear.
At the end, he was cake drunk I tell ya:)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some Random Pics....

Here is our Mason man...just smiling away like normal. He loves to turn anything upside down and stack things on it. What a boy.
.....or opening doors, really, that is what entertains him. Men:)

Here was truly a "aw-ha" moment my mother will enjoy. These jammies are those horrible polyester ones that you think can't be comfortable to sleep in. And frankly, aren't as cute as those jammies you find at Baby Gap for example. But, I found them and they were crazy cheap (go figure:)) so I got them for her. I NEVER understood why my mother put us in pj's like this, until this day. When I gave them to her, she was JUMPING off the walls! She wanted to wear them ALL the time. It was TOTALLY worth it to see her face:)

Early one morning we saw out the side window on our front door these things that looked like they were falling from our roof. We opened the door, and it turned out to be baby birds! I'm not even sure what kind of birds they are. They didn't fly away, didn't seem to be hurt, but just continued to walk around right in front of us. Makenzie thought it was the coolest thing ever. It was pretty awesome:)

Makenzie and Mason loves their Nana and Papa so, so much:)

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