Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Old McDonal Had a......

Well, we had cows and more cows is all.... but it was SO much fun. This was Makenzie's field trip last week to a dairy farm. It was SOOO cold and windy, but the kids loved it.
This one's for the ladies reading this:) Thought you would like to see how it could get worse:)

Here Kenz got to feed some of the new babies. That was of course the best thing ever for her. One really took a liking to her and wanted to like her all day.... Yum!

Thats right! My baby wanted to drive the tractor just like all the boys:) Love it!

Here she is, all dirty, smelling like cow and loving it. She is for sure a girly-girl, BUT can get dirty just like the boys:) We came home cold and smelling SOOOO bad. Three days later her hair still smelled like dairy cows. It was awesome:)