Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Day!!!!

We finally got some good snow here in Boise! Makenzie was SO excited, she knew just what it was and couldn't wait to get out in it. We invited her cousins over to play with her. Austin, Andra and Talmadge were all great sports and had so much fun with her. They really take good care of her.

Dad was right there with her which was SO cute.
Here's Austin striking his best. He and Andra built Makenzie a cute little fort and took our garden spades and dug around with them.

How cute is Talmadge!? He really wanted to be out there!!

As much as you fight it....

No matter how hard you try to not imprint your little girl on something, some things are just born right into them:)
She has never owned a Princess thing in her WHOLE life, but when her little friend Aliyha had an extra Princess dress, she knew just what to do with it:) She is a little bigger than her friend, so she filled it out a little "better":)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Up goes the tree.....

Putting up the tree this year was SO much more fun than last year. Makenzie really liked being a part of it. She and Drew were so cute to watch putting all the decorations on the tree. Every morning we come down she counts to 3 and watches the tree "magically" light up. She giggles every time. This year is so much fun because she really gets it.

A couple of times a day she will go over to the tree and touch a color and "put it in her hand" and bring it over to me and say " Here mommy, you get a green one today"... I love it:)

Festival of Trees

We had so much fun the day after Thanksgiving!! Drew and I and our good friends all took our kids to the Festival of Trees. The kids had so much fun! Makenzie kept yelling "sparkly trees"!! She thought they were great!
The of course there was the tree that trumped them all.... The Mickey Mouse Tree. Oh wow, did she love that one!

There was a wheel all the kids could spin and win a prize that was pretty fun.
There was an hour in the middle were different dancers preformed... she LOVED it. Really, I was so surprised how long she sat there and watched them. Then she tried to start dancing like them. It was so cute.
As we were leaving, this "Christmas Bear" was running around and Makenzie RAN to it. She wanted to hug it SO bad. I tell ya, no fear there. The small red pants you can barley see is her. It was pretty funny. She did it twice.