Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tiny Toes......

Every Wednesday I take my little girl to her first dance class, and I just can't believe she is old enough for this yet. She brings me such happiness. She loves this class so much. Her friend Aliya is in it with her, and they have the best time. A few weeks ago it was "watch week". They don't really like you to stay every week to watch (understandably, as Makenzie is a totally different girl when she is not showing off to mommy). All the family came to watch, it was so great!

This is called, good foot, naughty foot. When it is pointed, its called a good foot:)

This is called elevator up, elevator down:)

Here is her class going across the floor with their teacher. She was so great!
Here is her great friend Aliya. They laughed so much this day.
They danced to "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" and there was a part in the song they were suppose to stomp their feet and make a naughty face. This was her naughty face, how lucky am I that really that is as bad as it gets:)

I love my little family:)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lets do some hair!

After Drew got back from his trip to California, I really felt like I needed some girl time with my little Makenzie. So I invited along some other important girls in my life - my mom, sister and niece Andra, for a little pampering at a place called Monkey Dooz. It is basically a spa for little girls. It was SO dang cute. Makenzie had the best time, and it was made even better because Andra was there. She adores her cousin, or as she calls her "big sister".

Here she is getting a "Sparkle Manicure"

They get to sit in these barbie cars to get their hair cut! How awesome is that?? (And for the boys, they had Hummers:))

Cute little Andra:)

She loves her Aunt Corinna

....and Grandma of course:)

How I love my little girl. I don't know what I would do without her in my life. She keeps me young, always laughing. She reminds me how much love one has to give in life. She gives it so freely to anyone who needs it. I am so glad I have a little girl to do these things with:)

Here she is when her balloon came unwrapped of her wrist and flew up to the ceiling. I just happened to have my camera ready. How funny! She though, did NOT think it was funny:)
PS... To all those wondering if I just spend a fortune on a 3 year old to go to a day spa, the answer is NO. It only cost 15 bucks! What a deal!!