Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Party at Music Class....

This was the party we had a few days ago at Makenzie's music class. I love this class, and I love the teacher (who also happens to be my Visiting Teacher and Mak's Nursery Teacher). All the kids were invited to wear their costumes, and she had a little carnival for them. Mak dressed up as a princess (of course) for the party. Nicole, her teacher, is in the middle as the Statue of Liberty.

This little boy is the CUTEST little boy ever. His name is Nathan and he is Nicole's son. They have the biggest crush on each other... and it is SO adorable. He is SO sweet to her. I love it:)

Pumpkin Carving Time!!

This year we went to my sister Corinna's house to carve pumpkins. Everyone had so much fun! Corinna and Kimberly bought my little Makenzie this cheer leading outfit (to drive Drew crazy)... it was HILARIOUS!!!

I didn't get a pic of what Drew and Makenzie carved, but he did Minnie Mouse for her. Too cute!

CRAZY MUCH KIMBERLY?!?!?! :) I was a little nervous for the kids:)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fun at Grandma's.....

We got to go over to my mom's the other day. Kimberly really did all the work helping, I was spoiled and just got to take pics. Here are some shots of that day.... goodbye fall, we will miss you:(

There are some DANG cute pics of my little nephew Talmadge, but I will let my sister post all of those, but here is one I couldn't resist....

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Makenzie!

I truly can't believe my little girl turned 3! She is getting so old it scares me to think that before I know it, she will be on her own. I know it sounds cliche, but it really is true. She has been such a blessing to Drew and I. She is our happy little sunshiney girl that keeps us on our toes and always busy.

We were lucky to have our family come over for her small little party.

Makenzie is CRAZY about anything Mickey/Minnie Mouse, so that was our party decor.

Please excuse the lack of luster in the cake, I had a 2 week old at the time, and was so tired it's all I could do. (PS- HUGE thanks to my dear friend Callie who came over to help me with my kids so I could pull all this off!)

This umbrella was a HUGE hit. She had been asking for one forever. Of course it was princess themed, Drew loved that;)

How I love my little girl..... XO

Here are some random video clips of our little girl, for those that aren't around to see her grow up:(

Friday, October 16, 2009

Our first family outting!

We finally ventured out with our little guy. This was WAY sooner than I ever did with Makenzie (which was seriously like 3 months!). We went with our dear friends the Pflegers. They have a little girl named Elle that is a little younger than Makenzie, and they get along great.
We all went to Linder Farms. It is a pumpkin patch/carnival thing that is so much fun. They road some swings that fly around like at the fair ( I was so shocked Makenzie wanted to go on them, and she LOVED them!). There was a petting zoo and a little train made from barrels that was pulled by a tractor that Mak got to ride. She was so particular about picking out a pumpkin too. We walked and walked, then all of a sudden, she pointed to one and said "Mommy, that one is it" It was a pretty big one too, and a strange color. I tried to talk her into a cooler one, like the white ones or red ones they had there, but she wouldn't hear of it:) She had her mind made up.
The huge sad part about all of this, is that my camera RAN OUT OF BATTERIES half way through the night, so that is why I only have a few pics:( (Kat you would think I would have learned my lesson huh!?!?!:)
Look at these handsome studs toting around our precious cargo. Gotta love it! Our friends here just had a baby about 3 months before we had Mason. We love them!

Mason Update!

I know, I know... I can't believe either that I haven't posted more pics. It is true what they say, all consecutive children get less and less pics...FOR SURE! Poor guy:)
He is doing pretty awesome. We are starting to get more sleep (I must brag that as of last night, he is only waking up ONCE! He is only 6 weeks old, that is totally awesome!). He is starting to smile for us, and we get to have more face time with him awake, which is so cute. Makenzie is still being amazing, and really does love her little brother. He has gained some awesome weight, from 7.4 when we left the hospital, to 9.6 as of a week ago...yeah!! Our prayers really have been heard.