Sunday, April 11, 2010


(Flowers Drew got Makenzie and I for Easter:))
I have to say, this was the probably the best Easter to date for me. Drew and I were lucky enough to host it at our house and have so many of our loved ones around us. Corinna, Chad, Grandma, Austin, Andra, Shauna, Mike, Kim, Matt, Talmadge and Matt's side of the family... were all there to celebrate with us.
I can't think of much better than celebrating such an amazing day by being with those that we are now capable of being with for the eternities. What an amazing blessing! My little family of four are SO blessed to have these people in our lives!
Here are some outtakes of our day:)
Our little Princess

Our Little Prince

If I ever get these two to look at me at the same time, I will feel pretty dang awesome:) For now, this is what we get. We are so blessed they really do love each other.

We had some very dear friends over to paint eggs with us. We had the girls paint topless, good thing too! It was so fun!

Our little egg hunters:)

After the egg hunt, I noticed that Makenzie just disappeared. Corinna peaked upstairs and saw her, all by herself, counting her loot. I went up there and stole a picture.. but after that, she put her hand softly on my jaw and says "Mommy, can you go back downstairs?" LOL, she takes her Easter egg counting VERY seriously!

Here is little Mak straight out of bed Easter morning, she came down from bed (no pants, which I DID put her to bed in!) and slippers saying she was ready to go find the eggs!

Mason had so much fun with Grandma this day, she just let him play with all the eggs, and he loved it!

Here is Makenzie's partner in crime:) Once the candy was out, the party face was over, he wanted the candy!:)