Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bear Lake Babbitt Reunion

We just got home from an amazing trip to Bear Lake with my family. We rented an awesome cabin and spent lots of time at the beach. It was so much fun to see my brothers and "sisters" and their kids. We miss them so much. We got lots of updated family pics, which my family was kind enough to let me shoot. I am NO photographer, (like my friend Hollie), but she has inspired a true love for it for me. So, I just dabble quietly on the side:)

Here is our cabin....;) obviously not, but it was one of the views from our cabin. Sad really, but the younger boys sure did have a great time telling the younger girls that there were ghosts in there at night.

Here is our real cabin, with a killer view. It was awesome.

Here is Makenzie at the Beach. I hate how the colors get all muted out. The lake is so shallow FOREVER, the kids were able to just run around and it was really warm which helped.
I LOVED this pic of my little niece Paige. She was so cute:)
Here is the cute Babbitt Family!

Makenzie was attached to Logan's hip. She really took to her, and Logan was so sweet to take care of her that week. I still get tears from Makenzie about missing her.

Handsome man:).....

My beautiful sisters and sister-in-laws and mom.

LOVE this pic of the original Babbitt clan... Love it Taft:)

Here is a prego pic for all of you...ugh. I don't think there is a women around that loves a picture of her +extra pounds:), but here you go.
Best trip to date..... we miss our family already. Love you!