Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Looking out for the little ones....

My sweet little Makenzie loves rollie-pollies. One day while I was working outside, I caught her and her brother in the middle of this. I will narrate as best I can:)

"Hey Masey (yes, she calls him that, much to my husbands dismay:)) - come look at this rollie pollie! Its so cute! They don't hurt anyone, don't be scared."
Cue the screaming -
Makenzie "NOOOOO don't step on it!!! Don't kill it!!!" Followed by more sobs...such a drama queen
Here is Mason, totally oblivious to the fact that he broke his sisters heart. Oh my, how boys don't change:)

Makenzie "I'm going to watch it until it finds it's home" (and then it finally disappered into the grass/home. The sulking only continued for a minute longer.
AND, now we are fine and happy and all is right in the world again:)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Memorial Day Pics!

We got to go out to my Dad's grave again as a family. It's always a nice time, our kids now just think its no big thing to hang out at the cemetery. I think thats pretty great. They always have fun washing off G-pa's grave and singing his favorite Primary song, I am a child of God.

Oh dang....Pear Pear is NOT havin' it!:)

LOVES his cousin Austin:)

I know you aren't suppose to climb on graves, but I guarantee my Dad is loving this:)
Little Mater is ALMOST tall enough.... he's getting there Gpa:)

One strong Momma:)

Yes Dad....these are the men who married into your family. Aren't you proud??:)

More pics....

It was mine and Andras bday again! My sister was telling me that her and I have a picture like this, with our crowns on our shared bday, since she was one!! I LOVE THAT!! Pretty soon, she won't think I am cool enough to do this with:)

A boy and his dog......
I thought Makenzie had a special bond with Stanley, but NO. Mason and Stanley are a whole different level. It is so cute.


My little gangster with his sidewalk chalk......

Why I LOATHE sidewalk chalk.....
Girls are SOOOO much cleaner:)

Monday, July 4, 2011

More pics... in VERY late, and VERY random order:)

I think I have to go to just one blog.... I have a hard enough time keeping up to date with just one. We will see...
So here are some early Summer pics. Easter, friends, etc... Enjoy:)

A boy and his Truck:)

New wagon, and we got some slave labor:) Sucks to be the older kids!

Um..Doesn't this thing go faster? This sucks.

Hair cut time!!! Thanks Aunt Kimberly!
With a neck like his, you have to check:)
Loves Mommy....
Not so much Aunt Kimberly... she took one for the team on this one. He loved her again in about 30 seconds.:)

Her Uncle Dave (who travels ALOT because he is in the Marines) sent her this dress from Vietnam. He told her the princesses wear them there, so she should have one. She LOVEDDDD it! Top notch Uncle!
This is him. A few months later when he came to town, he took Makenzie on a date. He took her to the musical South Pacific at the Morrison Center, out to a fancy dinner and dessert. She had the best time and still talks about it, and her Uncle. He told her to get all dressed up and he put a suit and tie on and this is when they came home that night, about 1130:)