Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Some say Ghetto, I say Genius!

My little Mak was invited to a Bday party by a great little boy (space)friend of hers named Nathan. It was a Star Wars themed party. So, she dressed up as the Princess of course. She didn't really get it at all, but she was fine with it, because I assured her, she was still a Princess.
So, I am a cheap mom and I didn't want to go BUY an outfit for something she would probably never wear, I grabbed a white pillow case, put a hole in the top and for the arms and put a white Tshirt under it and called it a day. My mom let me borrow a silver belt she had and I must say, after I put her hair in buns, it all came together:) She even had brown strappy sandlas that worked. She had such a great time at the party, which was ALL boys except Nathans sister! How fun!:)

This was after the party, which was in the sun all day, and cupcakes and playing in the dirt. She did get a light saber (sp?) and a metal from the party though which were a big hit:)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Memorial Day....

Ok, so we did it a little early, but all the same - it was great:) My sisters and I and Mom went to my Dads grave and celebrated a little Dad time:) Some might think this is depressing, but I actually love it. It is nice to just be in a place that we feel close to him here on Earth. It was a nice sunny, pretty hot:) day. Talmadge and Makenzie had a great time playing together. LOVE YOU DAD!


I got lucky when I turned around and saw her doing this, before she saw me with my camera:)

Oh my little Mason... I adore you:)

My little lady

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This goes along with Mothers Day... I LOVE that my kiddos get along, and that Mason thinks Makenzie is the funniest thing ever! This was Mothers Day morning... and I LOVE IT!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Best Mothers Day Ever....

I know I have been a mom for only 3 years, but this Mothers Day goes down in the books. I was really blessed to have a few things happen that Sunday that meant the world to me. Drew was every bit the man I thought he would be, letting me sleep in, taking care of the kids, breakfast, card. What made this day extra special for me was that Makenzie got to sing in Sacrament meeting for Mothers Day (first time) and she gave her first talk in Primary . Words cannot begin to describe what I was feeling. I have been proud of her many times in the past, but this day was something I hadn't experienced before. This was something she did herself. I wasn't behind her whispering in her ear telling her the right thing to do, it was coming all from her. She was all smiles and she was so proud of herself. When it came to do her talk, she was ecstatic! She memorized most of it! I didn't see a shy bone in her at all. It brought tears to my eyes. I WAS SO PROUD OF HER!! Proud in a way I hadn't felt yet. It was amazing.

I was also very blessed to have my own Mom be a part of this day. She came to church to watch Makenzie, which meant so much to her. In fact, after she was done with her talk, she came running to the back of the room and ran right past me and said "I want to give Grandma a hug!" All smiles, and so proud. After church the rest of the family came over to dinner. Corinna/Chad/Austin/Andra, Matt/Kim/Talmadge. It was so dang great, this day was amazing!
PS.. Mason I love ya buddy, but this Mothers Day, Makenzie might have stolen the show:) Don't worry, next year you will be big enough to give her a run for her money!:)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Birthday's and such....

So, that time of year came again - where time seems to catch up to you and force you to slap an age on your time hear:) Mine is a proud 32 years. I can't believe it, but in the same breath, don't feel old ENOUGH to have kids the age I do:)
I was blessed to have another year shared with a niece, Andra, who still thinks it's cool to share her birthday with me. It was so much fun. We hung out at Corinna and Chad's house and had dinner, great cake and a pinata! I adore my family and this time of year:) My husband was great and spread out wonderful things all week for me:)

Of course our crowns made another appearance . It's now tradition!
TOTALLY AWESOME... thats all there is to say.

Holy cake! Goooooood job baby!


Gma and my orange-nosed baby:) Yes, he had orange food.
How dang cute is this???

AND SUCH.... so here are some pics I shot. The first few of Makenzie I ADORE. They really show the sweetness behind her eyes that is so amazing. My darling little girl. She wanted to run in the sprinklers the other day, and the wind was blowing and it was REALLY cold... she didn't care:) Obviously from these pics, she really didn't.

This pic is SO funny because his "stone-cold playa" face is SO not him:)

This IS.......

I can't help putting in this pic of Talmadge I "grundged" up. We love our T-man:)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Princesses, friends, and brother!

So yes, I have more pics of Makenzie than Mason, it's terrible. Makenzie was invited over a one of her best friends Aliya's birthday party the other weekend. It was SO cute. They had Princess Auroa come (for the men, that is Sleeping Beauty) and do all the little girls makeup and hair. It really was the cutest thing to watch them. Here are some shots of the day:

They did non-girly fun stuff too like play outside and jump on the tramp. She is, finally, really good at keeping her balance on this thing. It still gives me a heart attack every time though.

Here she is with another great friend, Elle.

Totally different day... Mason, Makenzie and I took a walk to the park and I snapped some pics. I LOVED this one when I saw it. She was so funny just sitting there kicking it. Love that girl:)
Here is Mason - aka "Mater", just smiling like normal:)