Sunday, April 26, 2009

Excellent Easter....

Ok, so I know I am way behind. Lets just get caught up with Easter and I will hurry up with the rest:)
It was so much fun, as always.. it is every year. Makenzie was SO excited to go see her cousins ALL day.... but first we "had" to go to church:) It was like torture I am sure. She got all dressed up in her Easter outfit and looked so darn cute I could barely stand it. Drew even broke out his pink tie so that he would match me. (how cute is that!)
(This was her in the morning, the Easter Bunny left her a stuffed Minnie dressed with ears and such, she loved it:))

Here they are all waiting for us to say GO! Makenzie, as always, is making a great face.

Austin and Andra were so great with her. Austin helping her find the eggs, and Andra going SO much slower than she would have liked to, so that she could share with her. Thanks you guys!
After the "hunt"... is Makenzie BITING the basket? What?:)

My cute sisters:) I love them! (PS.. do I ever tan?)

LOVE YOU ARNELLS!!!!! (and new addition Butch:))


Our little family and my pregnant self.

Soooooo tired:)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fun at Dad's.....

Last week when the boys (my hubby and my sister's hubby) were in Mexico, we got the chance to spend a lot of time together. It was so much fun. We also got to go to my Dad's grave and hang out. We really don't do this as much as we should or want to. It is really great to see the kids embrace "Grandpa" without hesitation. Here are some cute shots we had of our fun day:)