Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Swimming Lessons

This was the first year we put Makenzie in swimming lessons. She was the youngest in her class, and the shortest. She was the only that couldn't touch the bottom, ANYWHERE. The first 2 days were pretty good. She only cried a little when I walked away. The instructors were awesome, and they really were patient with her. They pushed her to do the things she was afraid to do, which was great - until the 3rd day. On that day, she had had enough, and she was pretty much hysterical about everything. After that, she didn't want to come back. We tried one more day, but it was worse, so we called it a day and we will try again next summer.
Drew took her the following days to our community pool though and made her do bobs and all the other things she didn't want to do. It was one of those things that moms in general just shouldn't be a part of:) He did good though, and now our little girl is a water bug, and loves it.

This is where she spent the whole class, on the stairs, because it is where she could touch, poor girl!

This is a progression from the first time across the pool, until the end...hilarious.

My kids HATE being on there backs. I have no idea why, but there is no such thing as being relaxed floating on your back for them.

End of class "ring-around-the-rosey"

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Hollie said...

Makenzie is as cute as ever. Gavin finally figured out that it's fun to dunk his head and swim under water. He loves it and wants to swim all the time.