Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our first "Meet and Greet"

Holy Cow. I really can't believe my little one is starting preschool. And so it begins.....
We went the other night to meet her teacher, Miss Nicole. I say meet, but really Makenzie has known her for over and year and LOVES her. Well, we all love her. She is fantastic. To be honest, we are very blessed to have her. Makenzie was suppose to be taking preschool from my dear closest friend, but with distance and money being a factor, we needed to go somewhere closer. I didn't want to pick just anyone. Our prayers were answered when my dear friend Nicole told me she was going to do preschool! She is close enough to walk to, so no gas money even, and she is so incredible with kids. Makenzie also gets to be in class with some of her friends too!
All in all, we are so excited. Makenize was JUMPING out of her skin with excitement this night. It was an ice cream social. She had the best time.
I love my little girl, and this mommy is going to have a hard time letting go:)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Swimming Lessons

This was the first year we put Makenzie in swimming lessons. She was the youngest in her class, and the shortest. She was the only that couldn't touch the bottom, ANYWHERE. The first 2 days were pretty good. She only cried a little when I walked away. The instructors were awesome, and they really were patient with her. They pushed her to do the things she was afraid to do, which was great - until the 3rd day. On that day, she had had enough, and she was pretty much hysterical about everything. After that, she didn't want to come back. We tried one more day, but it was worse, so we called it a day and we will try again next summer.
Drew took her the following days to our community pool though and made her do bobs and all the other things she didn't want to do. It was one of those things that moms in general just shouldn't be a part of:) He did good though, and now our little girl is a water bug, and loves it.

This is where she spent the whole class, on the stairs, because it is where she could touch, poor girl!

This is a progression from the first time across the pool, until the end...hilarious.

My kids HATE being on there backs. I have no idea why, but there is no such thing as being relaxed floating on your back for them.

End of class "ring-around-the-rosey"

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Some Silly things...

Here are just some random silly pics of my kiddos -

Here is Makenzie in her swimsuit, ready for the water park!

Here she is after playing out in the rain with me. She was cold, so we made some hot chocolate:)

Poor little brother, his sister likes to dress him up:) He is a good sport about it, as long as he in on his manly truck:)

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Say What????

Ok, so I turn around the other morning to Makenzie asking, "Mommy, what does this spell?" Refering of course to our fridge magnets. She does this all the time and spells things like dog, cat, dad, etc. This day I was really surprised and what I saw on the fridge! To those wondering, NO, we do not say this around our house, and NO I didn't tell her what it meant:)
I really laughed hard though.
(To those that don't know what this mean, good for you! Seriously. Also, this was first thing in the morning which is why Makenzie looks like she just went through a wind storm, then a rain storm... then played outside all day:))

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cherry Festival

This year again, a new tradition we love, we went to the Emmett Cherry Festival with my sister Corinna and her family and my mom. It was SOOOO hot, but SO fun. It was awesome greasy food, and great company.

Why is it that kids could CARE LESS that ice cream is dripping all down there hands/clothes/etc and still LOVE every minute of it!?

Makenzie went on her first carnival ride! (She was FINALLY barely tall enough). She had so much dang fun and wanted to go over and over. Andra, her cousin, was a really good sport and went with her.

I love that they share a ice cream cone every year! And every year I get a picture like this. I am sure when she is 16 she is NOT going to think this is cool:) Until then....

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Meridian Dairy Days

We took our little family to Dairy Days this year. It was the first time we were all there and Grandma was gracious enough to come too. It was so much fun! I know it seems lame to some, but we truly had such a great time. Makenzie couldn't believe that all she had to do was hold her hands out and she would get FOOD! (The chocolate milk was the best)

Stone-cold Mason:)
Not-so-stone-cold Mason:)

He didn't love the loud cars or horns, the made him cry. He and Grandma got a good thing going, she would snuggle him in and cover his ears. After that, he was good to go:)

We love Grandma!

We were also so excited our dear friends the Pflegers came too! Elle is one of Makenzie's dear friends. The laughed and giggled all night.

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Trip to Idaho City

**DISCLAIMER**Ok, I have waited long enough. I have just decided to post my pics before I photoshop them, because frankly, it takes me forever and I take pics WAY quicker than I do that:) So, although my mad photo skills are getting pretty awesome, you won't see most of that unless I post them:)

Ok, so I am on a posting kick, I have SO many pics to get through! Bare with me as I throw a bunch at you.
So we drove up to Idaho City for the day with our dear friends The Madison's. It was a great time and the kids really had fun too. We love those guys!

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One more thing.....

I had to share this picture... look at my beautiful baby girl:) Almost 4 years old....

And this.... oh my little man, how I love you. Well, maybe not so little:)

Dance, Dance!

So Makenzie has finished dance for the first time and I tell you what, it was the best experience ever. She TRULY loved it. It was so awesome to watch as a mom and see her just grown and learn (as much as a 3.5 year old can in a dance class). It was such a good experience for her, we will be doing it again!

This little girl is one of her fav's, Aubrey. They had such a cute relationship.

I must say, what a cute little family:)

This is her dearest friend Aliya, who she adores and is her "best friend":) These next few pics are from their recital. It was the cutest thing....EVER.

Proud little parents...and brother:)