Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Here are some random pictures of our little ones. It is sad how the second child gets so few pictures compared to the first:) Here are a few from the past few weeks:)

Here is what we now call his "NICU Mark" instead of his birthmark. He got this from them trying get his IV in and almost breaking his foot in the process. It goes up over the top of his foot.

Here are Makenzie and Mason. Yes, I KNOW he is huge!:) All my kids have the biggest heads. He will average out in about 3 years:)

This morning at breakfast Makenzie was making Mason laugh like crazy. It was awesome, even though you can't really see it in the picture.

Mason is usually not this sober:) It must have been his Godfather shirt:)

After a long day (that is why her hair is crazy) and she is munching on pistachio nuts with Daddy.

Makenzie and I got matching aprons. She loves to cook with Daddy and I. So cute:)

Here we are when we entered "the suck" that was RSV month for us (ok, it was only 3 weeks). It was a tough little stint. Makenzie was a trooper when it came to her breathing treatments. Obviously I didn't get to do much with myself other than shower:)

Some pictures of my little man:)
We have just started solid foods with him and he LOVES LOVES it.