Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Some say Ghetto, I say Genius!

My little Mak was invited to a Bday party by a great little boy (space)friend of hers named Nathan. It was a Star Wars themed party. So, she dressed up as the Princess of course. She didn't really get it at all, but she was fine with it, because I assured her, she was still a Princess.
So, I am a cheap mom and I didn't want to go BUY an outfit for something she would probably never wear, I grabbed a white pillow case, put a hole in the top and for the arms and put a white Tshirt under it and called it a day. My mom let me borrow a silver belt she had and I must say, after I put her hair in buns, it all came together:) She even had brown strappy sandlas that worked. She had such a great time at the party, which was ALL boys except Nathans sister! How fun!:)

This was after the party, which was in the sun all day, and cupcakes and playing in the dirt. She did get a light saber (sp?) and a metal from the party though which were a big hit:)


Hollie said...

This is very cute Crystal. You are such a creative mom. WAY TO GO!

Jennis said...

oh so genius.. that's flat awesome right there.