Saturday, May 15, 2010

Birthday's and such....

So, that time of year came again - where time seems to catch up to you and force you to slap an age on your time hear:) Mine is a proud 32 years. I can't believe it, but in the same breath, don't feel old ENOUGH to have kids the age I do:)
I was blessed to have another year shared with a niece, Andra, who still thinks it's cool to share her birthday with me. It was so much fun. We hung out at Corinna and Chad's house and had dinner, great cake and a pinata! I adore my family and this time of year:) My husband was great and spread out wonderful things all week for me:)

Of course our crowns made another appearance . It's now tradition!
TOTALLY AWESOME... thats all there is to say.

Holy cake! Goooooood job baby!


Gma and my orange-nosed baby:) Yes, he had orange food.
How dang cute is this???

AND SUCH.... so here are some pics I shot. The first few of Makenzie I ADORE. They really show the sweetness behind her eyes that is so amazing. My darling little girl. She wanted to run in the sprinklers the other day, and the wind was blowing and it was REALLY cold... she didn't care:) Obviously from these pics, she really didn't.

This pic is SO funny because his "stone-cold playa" face is SO not him:)

This IS.......

I can't help putting in this pic of Talmadge I "grundged" up. We love our T-man:)

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Kimberly said...

It was a great birthday part and as usual you took some fabulous photos, everyone always looks so great in them.