Sunday, May 16, 2010

Best Mothers Day Ever....

I know I have been a mom for only 3 years, but this Mothers Day goes down in the books. I was really blessed to have a few things happen that Sunday that meant the world to me. Drew was every bit the man I thought he would be, letting me sleep in, taking care of the kids, breakfast, card. What made this day extra special for me was that Makenzie got to sing in Sacrament meeting for Mothers Day (first time) and she gave her first talk in Primary . Words cannot begin to describe what I was feeling. I have been proud of her many times in the past, but this day was something I hadn't experienced before. This was something she did herself. I wasn't behind her whispering in her ear telling her the right thing to do, it was coming all from her. She was all smiles and she was so proud of herself. When it came to do her talk, she was ecstatic! She memorized most of it! I didn't see a shy bone in her at all. It brought tears to my eyes. I WAS SO PROUD OF HER!! Proud in a way I hadn't felt yet. It was amazing.

I was also very blessed to have my own Mom be a part of this day. She came to church to watch Makenzie, which meant so much to her. In fact, after she was done with her talk, she came running to the back of the room and ran right past me and said "I want to give Grandma a hug!" All smiles, and so proud. After church the rest of the family came over to dinner. Corinna/Chad/Austin/Andra, Matt/Kim/Talmadge. It was so dang great, this day was amazing!
PS.. Mason I love ya buddy, but this Mothers Day, Makenzie might have stolen the show:) Don't worry, next year you will be big enough to give her a run for her money!:)


Dianna said...

Makenzie was wonderful in her singing and her talk. I am one lucky and blessed mother/grandma to be with the ones I love on mothers day. Thanks for the memories Makenzie.... I loved seeing you run to me after your talk. You made my day.... :) :)

Kimberly said...

Such cute pictures. Dinner at your house made for such a great mothers day, thanks again!!!