Saturday, May 22, 2010

Memorial Day....

Ok, so we did it a little early, but all the same - it was great:) My sisters and I and Mom went to my Dads grave and celebrated a little Dad time:) Some might think this is depressing, but I actually love it. It is nice to just be in a place that we feel close to him here on Earth. It was a nice sunny, pretty hot:) day. Talmadge and Makenzie had a great time playing together. LOVE YOU DAD!


I got lucky when I turned around and saw her doing this, before she saw me with my camera:)

Oh my little Mason... I adore you:)

My little lady


Kimberly said...

Such a fun day, thanks for taking pictures Crys.

Jennis said...

Crystal that picture of Miss McKay blowing that dandilion is the best shot EVER!! you can see the little piece floating off in to the sun... we need to hang out. wow. nice job.