Thursday, May 6, 2010

Princesses, friends, and brother!

So yes, I have more pics of Makenzie than Mason, it's terrible. Makenzie was invited over a one of her best friends Aliya's birthday party the other weekend. It was SO cute. They had Princess Auroa come (for the men, that is Sleeping Beauty) and do all the little girls makeup and hair. It really was the cutest thing to watch them. Here are some shots of the day:

They did non-girly fun stuff too like play outside and jump on the tramp. She is, finally, really good at keeping her balance on this thing. It still gives me a heart attack every time though.

Here she is with another great friend, Elle.

Totally different day... Mason, Makenzie and I took a walk to the park and I snapped some pics. I LOVED this one when I saw it. She was so funny just sitting there kicking it. Love that girl:)
Here is Mason - aka "Mater", just smiling like normal:)


Kimberly said...

These pictures of Makenzie are so pretty Crys. I can't get over them and of course Mae Mae is cuter the ever!!!!

Dianna said...

Good job Crystal in posting pictures of the cutest kids on the block... I love the one of Mason and his hat.... takes your heart away.

Oliphant Family said...

What great pictures! Your kids are such dolls! I love your little boys pirate hat.