Friday, August 26, 2011

A gaggle of pics to get caught up:)

How great is this?? Drew has a very good friend from HS that has his own plane. His name is Rob. He is married with a little boy too, so we get to hang out with is little family a bit. He knew how badly Makenzie wanted to fly, so he offered to take her flying a couple of weeks ago! Drew got to take her up. She LOVED it!! Rob even sent her a little Certificate afterwards. Talk about making her YEAR!!:)

Thank heavens Mason didn't really know what he was missing:)


Lucky Cinderella always going with her!

One of my MOST favorite shots to date!

Thank heavens they were landing when this awesome storm rolled in!

This was our camping trip last weekend. IT WAS AWFUL!!!! We were eaten ALIVE by mosquitoes! These few pics are literally the only time we ventured outside. All but Mason still had fun, we played games and puzzles and watched movies. Mason was screaming to go outside and get dirty. Poor dude had it the worst outside, his head was COVERED 3 seconds after we stepped out the door. That big old head, how could the mosquitoes refuse?:)

This little man does EVERYTHING his sister does. Most of the time, its nothing but adorable. Drew and I just have to shake our head though when HE is always asking to watch Strawberry Shortcake, and SHE is always asking for HeMan!

My little Makenzie was bored durning quiet time with all her toys, so she decided to "make her own toys" and this is what she built. Wow! I was impressed!

Drew and I have been so blessed to make some awesome new friends who have boats. They have taken us a few times and it has been SO great. We feel very lucky! This was a night we all got sitters and went with no kids! Talk about AWESOME!!!


Kimberly said...

What cute pictures. How cute is that little Mason, man sometimes you just can't get enough of that kid. And lucky Makenzie for being able to go flying, that is awesome!!!

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