Monday, August 1, 2011

Firework Time!

Such a fun 4th. We had some family over for a BBQ. It was relaxing and so great to see all the kids have a great time. No one was permanently damaged. Talmadge and Makenzie picked up their sparkler just after it went out and got burned, but that was the extent of it. Good times had by all:)

It was LOOOONG and HOT day...don't judge me for letting my kid look like this:)

Just messing around with my camera....firework fun:)

Matt was stinkin' hilarious making his "victory lap" up and down the street with sparklers. Victory about what? Not so sure...but it was awesome.

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About the Stevens said...

Such a great 4th. Thanks for letting us have it at your house!!! Besides the burning insidant, it all went so great :) The pictures are great, even the ones of the sparklers. Your camera can do some great things.