Wednesday, January 5, 2011

McCall Fun

Drew's sister and husbands family (follow that?:) own a cabin in McCall. We were invited up to spend the weekend with them and his side of the family. It was SO beautiful and the cabin was AMAZING and huge. It was so much fun and our kids had the best time. Makenzie even went snowmobiling and loved it. Drew and I got to drive a lot too because his mom was gracious enough to offer to watch our kids a bunch. I forget how beautiful this world is sometimes until I get a weekend like this:)

Drew and his awesome hat... totally hate the hat and I think that is why he wears it:)

All on one sled is the only way to go:)

Snowmobiling fun!!!

Banning Clan:) most anyways
Being Silly

Nana, Papa and the Grandkids

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