Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Catch up Time:)

Ok, here are a bunch of pics to catch you all up. I feel like I need to do this so I can get it all done before Christmas so I don't get TOTALLY behind:) Enjoy! ( I warn you these are in a totally random order:))

This is how Mason does corn at our house:)

A while back Makenzie's dearest friend Elle and her got to get their hair cut and nails done together. I adore her mom, so it was fun to do together. They were so stinkin cute!

Mason got to come too....although, he wasn't sure about it all. Too girly:)

Pumpkin carving time:) It was fun this year. Makenzie was really into it (except touching the inside:) Mason was 50/50, he wasn't so sure, but we all had fun.

Here begins the meltdown. We told her she had to help scoop it out if she wanted to do pumpkins. Witness the scene:)


Jennis said...

this is cute stuff. if Jacey didn't bite her nails I would do this with her! maybe we can do pedicures instead!! ;) too cute.

dangel smith said...

the children's are so cute...

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