Friday, October 16, 2009

Our first family outting!

We finally ventured out with our little guy. This was WAY sooner than I ever did with Makenzie (which was seriously like 3 months!). We went with our dear friends the Pflegers. They have a little girl named Elle that is a little younger than Makenzie, and they get along great.
We all went to Linder Farms. It is a pumpkin patch/carnival thing that is so much fun. They road some swings that fly around like at the fair ( I was so shocked Makenzie wanted to go on them, and she LOVED them!). There was a petting zoo and a little train made from barrels that was pulled by a tractor that Mak got to ride. She was so particular about picking out a pumpkin too. We walked and walked, then all of a sudden, she pointed to one and said "Mommy, that one is it" It was a pretty big one too, and a strange color. I tried to talk her into a cooler one, like the white ones or red ones they had there, but she wouldn't hear of it:) She had her mind made up.
The huge sad part about all of this, is that my camera RAN OUT OF BATTERIES half way through the night, so that is why I only have a few pics:( (Kat you would think I would have learned my lesson huh!?!?!:)
Look at these handsome studs toting around our precious cargo. Gotta love it! Our friends here just had a baby about 3 months before we had Mason. We love them!