Thursday, June 4, 2009

My new car....

Ok, so it's not mine, but I thought it mentionable because our little Makenzie loves it SO much! Who would have thought this little car would have so much joy packed inside it:). I had been looking for a used one forever, but they are impossible to find! I got lucky one day and finally happened upon one. She "drives" it up and down our small patio all day long... love it!

Do I HAVE to share with my cousin???

Ohhhhh.... look at that static!


Jennis said...

ohhh, i was really wondering what you picked for a new car. well glad somebody has a new car, those are fun. hope your feeling good, we need prego pictures. missed you in idaho, did ou ever get my message? you'll have to e-mail me your number. good to hear new things from ya!! :)

Hollie said...

Love that first picture of Makenzie on Memorial Day. I agree with the previous post, would love to see pregnancy pictures. Take care.