Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day out to "feed" the ducks....

Drew and I took Makenzie to the park the other day to feed the ducks. It was such a beautiful day, mostly overcast (of course until I took the camera out to take pictures, then it was blazin sun, but what can ya do?:)).
Anyways, to our dismay, there was a sign that says not to feed the ducks, so we settled on walking after them and Makenzie going after them saying "coming here duckies, come here... I want to hug you!" Needless to say, none obliged - in fact one nasty goose hissed at her and scared her half to death. All in all, it was a fun day with the family:)

She just didn't understand why this little duck friend wouldn't come see her:)

And this was just the cutest Mom and ducklings I had ever seen:). The colors on my camera are SO much better than when I upload to Blogger. If anyone knows why, PLEASE let me know. I hate the washed out colors! :)

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