Monday, March 16, 2009

Cancun.....It's not just for Spring Breakers!

Here it is, the mother of all posts: Our trip to Cancun! We just got back and can I say temperature shock!!! We had the best time ever, and to me, it was perfect weather (about 80-85 with a light breeze). Here are some highlights of the trip-

The view from our Hotel room
The water was SOOO blue and it was the most amazing thing to fall alseep to it's sound every night. (here are a few random pics of the hotel. The inside was AWESOME. All the foliage you see hanging is real and was blooming when we left. All the ponds were stalked with Koi fish.)

This was our beach at our hotel. The sand was so soft and yummy. Those are my little toes sticking out in the pic. We just laid out and read books and had lovely drinks brought to us. The waves were pretty crazy the whole time because of the wind, but it didn't bother me, as I am not an ocean swimming fan. It didn't stop Drew though:) (DISCLAIMER: For those who don't know, YES, I am pregnant in this picture, about 3 months. I know, I pop out like a whale right from the beginning:))

Our first night in Cancun
We were so lucky to go with some very dear friends of ours, the Madisons. Here we are at a local Mexican resturant eating dinner with them out on the balcony over the ocean. I mean really, how lucky are we?:)

Where we ate lunch many a day
This is where we ate a few lunches. What an AMAZING view! It was so relaxing and romantic!
My dear friend Callie and I.

Dinner with the Pirates....

So one night we got to have dinner aboard a Pirate Ship. Here in this pic you see 3. They were authentic ships, and hard to capture how cool in a photo at night. It was so much fun, and very much like "Knights of the Roundtable" for all who have done that dinner and show - but with pirates. We sailed into the open sea and had dinner and a show and then another pirate ship showed up and then had cannon wars, sword fights and a dance. It was SO much fun. I don't have some of the GREATEST pics, Callie does - of the Mini Me Pirate totally hitting on Drew during a dance. NOT KIDDING, he was licking his fingers and rubbing his nipples and winking at him... it was HILARIOUS!!!
This was our captain on the left, and mini me (aka- Drews new boyfriend on right)
How much do I love him:)......

Xcaret.... an Ecopark

This was an awesome ecopark that was an all day adventure for us. It had underground tunnels that we snorkeled through (in FREEZING cold water) but was totally awesome. A zoo of sorts and aquarium. It also had lots of beaches and dolphins that you could swim with. We had amazing food and got to walk around a truly beautiful place.
This building was so beautiful to look at. The cut outs on the bottom are the showers. Then you walk up and circle the building to one of the door cut outs to find a place to change. I just really loved it.
No really, what you lookin at?

These guys were AMAZING. They would climb to the top of this pole (EASILY 5 stories hight) and one would sit in the middle and play this flute thing, and then all of a sudden, they just feel off backwards !! It was insane, you have to watch the video. I would vomit:)

That night the people here put on a show about the Mayan people. It was really awesome to watch and the costumes would have blown your mind!

Its hard to see in the pic, but above that girl is a man in an eagle costume. It was something to behold, truly amazing.

Our last night in Paradise.....

The last night we were there Drew took me to a romantic Italian resturant right on the ocean. (Italian is my favorite!) It was such a magical trip and I am so thankful for a husband that wants to do things like this with me. After dinner, we went back to the hotel and splurged on dessert, a $20 half pint of Dreyers ice cream! Can you believe it? It was worth every penny though! Cancun was amazing, and so far my favorite place in Mexico. Thanks to my awesome sister (and family) who helped make it possible by watching our little one.


Kimberly said...

Man alive that looks so pretty, I can't believe how blue the water is. next time Matt and I go to Mexico, we are staying there. Looks like a fabulous hotel. I am so glad you guys had such a great time. Thanks for posting pictures!

Hollie said...

WOW... I am totally jealous. What an awesome trip. I am so glad you guys got away. We moved all weekend into our new house, how boring. The pictures look awesome!

Aubrey Banning said...

I wanna go!!! It looks like you two had a great time...good for you!

MountainMan said...


Callie said...

You are way ahead of me on the blog, good for you! What a fun trip we had, no one else could have filled your shoes! We're greatful for your friendship and the fun times we always have with you! You forgot to mention the meat wagons (your favorite part). Good times, next year will be just as fun in Jamaica! ;) Love you guys!

Kari C. said...

Looks like you had such a great time!! I am totally NOT jealous. Just this week I dropped my sis and parents off at the airport. They are currently enjoying a cruise... again...not at all jealous.

Jennis said...

I thought I already commented on this one, but in my head I wrote "send me your itinerary on this trip so I can go take it." I am good on the going part it's the "what do I go do while I'm down there?" that I have problems with. So send me what you did so I buy the tickets and have that adventure, looks like a good one. :)