Monday, February 9, 2009

Disney - LIVE!

So Drew and I took our little girl to Disney LIVE with our good friend Callie and her little one. Aliya and Makenzie have become fast friends. She was SO excited. We got her this lighted wand thing that cost WAY too much:), and she nearly knocked a few people out, but she loved it. I think she liked Disney on Ice better because it had more Mickey Mouse in it. It was such a great thing to be able to give her and experience with her. She still asks if Mickey can come over and have a sleepover:)
This pic is hard to see the background, but I thought it was a cute family pic:)
This pic doesn't do her justice, it was so much funnier than this. She would get up in the isle and spin in circles with her wand until she would fall over from being so "bizzy". So funny:)


Cal said...

Mak was so super cute! The girls had such a fun time together, so glad we got to go with you! I also love the family picture, what a great photographer... ;o)

Oliphant Family said...

This seems like it was so fun, especially with little girls.

Kimberly said...

How cute are you guys, especially my little niece. She is just to fun. Can't wait till Talmadge is old enough to do these things.

HaleighLynn said...

Your little girls is a doll! She's like a little mini version of you. So cute!