Monday, January 12, 2009

I cry the day I take the tree down:(.....

Do you hear Michael McClean singing in your head? I hear that song every time the dreaded day comes I have to take all my Christmas stuff down. It really makes my heart sad. I love being a part of the world around that time of year, when everyone seems less quick to anger, and more eager to help or share a smile. I guess it starts with me to carry that feeling on. It helped to have Drew and Makenzie there that morning.:)

This little video is SO cute. This really made the whole day so bright and wonderful. Makenzie is so full of optimism it is contagious. We love having her bright spirit around.

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Jennis said...

You are so funny, I almost put that exact background on my blog this morning!! We are meant to be friends aren't we! Miss you guys. Love the blog stuff, Miss McKay is so darn cute. she comes from good stock. Love ya.