Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Makenzie (Part 2)

Yeah, we had our second party with the Babbitt side of the family, and it was amazing! We all had so much fun. Everyone really did more than there share to make it a great weekend. Other than our poor mom having horrible shoulder pain the whole time, I would say it was darn near perfect. Thank you!!
Grandma got her the necklaces, she loved them!
She closed her eyes in anticipation of Grandmas gift.......
HUGE hit!!!! She loves it!
I wanted to do something really easy for this Birthday since I didn't have all my cake making stuff with me. I decided on cupcakes that were just fun colors and then I molded some chocolates into hearts and the number 2. I did this in like 5 mins the night before, so they could have looked A LOT better, but I was just too tired!


Shanna said...

We didn't get an invite! :) Happy Birthday Makenzie!!! Love your guts!

Hollie said...

We wish we could of celebrated with you. That tricycle looks way FUN... be careful Gavin might take it over. I am glad that it's finally official. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Makenzie.

Jennis said...

Happy Birthday miss McKay. miss you my friend, looks like your family is growing up, she sure is cute.