Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Memorial Day Pics!

We got to go out to my Dad's grave again as a family. It's always a nice time, our kids now just think its no big thing to hang out at the cemetery. I think thats pretty great. They always have fun washing off G-pa's grave and singing his favorite Primary song, I am a child of God.

Oh dang....Pear Pear is NOT havin' it!:)

LOVES his cousin Austin:)

I know you aren't suppose to climb on graves, but I guarantee my Dad is loving this:)
Little Mater is ALMOST tall enough.... he's getting there Gpa:)

One strong Momma:)

Yes Dad....these are the men who married into your family. Aren't you proud??:)

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Dianna said...

Crystal thank so much you for posting the pictures.... I love them and yes grandpa is ok with his grandchildren climbing on his headstone (they are still small enough to not due any damage) and plus I told them they could :) :) GREAT pictures..... all of them. :) love ya