Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here come some pics in no order...

I need to get caught up!!! So, here are pics I'm just shoving down your throat to get me caught up:)

Mason and Gma. Yes, all I feed him is butter.

Buddies:) Talmadge and Kenz eating dinner

Mason wasn't allowed to touch the tree, so instead he started to try and blow out the lights:) So funny

Tree time

This is Mak showing me the "proper" way to drink hot chocolate. Pinkie always up:)

Awesome snowman she made... lol, no comment

Mason having a Christmas Story moment in that coat:)

Preschool Christmas Party:)

Santa came to school that day...Makenzie liked him, but was suspicious the whole time:)

Bring on GAME DAY!!!

Makenzie and cousin Talmadge

Brother Todd and family visited too:) Yeah!
My Mom:)

Cousins at Christmas

Christmas morning. Santa left her "blueberry juice" ie, V-8 splash. She LOVES it.

LOL!!! Rough night:)
Better now:)

Yeah for sisters:)

Oh man.....really, how handsome is he:)!?!?!? Love him.

Oh how the Kinect makes you look silly!


Matching necklaces from Gma

"Little Man", "Big Truck" :)

Nana and Papa Banning....Mason is LOVING this.

LOL, he was SOOO worked this day.


Kimberly said...

such cute pictures. What a great Christmas. Thanks for posting the stupid pictures of me on the kenict. Always a proud moment. Love your kids they are just to cute!!!

alex said...

so cute pictures..

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