Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Makenzie and her new scriptures

This session of Conference was especially amazing for me. For one thing, I was actually looking forward to it. With two young kids that it is pretty hard to be excited about trying to get them to sit still for those long talks.
I am taking a new parenting class that has been an answer to MANY prayers of mine and helped me in so many ways. She gave us some ideas about how to make conference weekend something special and exciting for your kids. She said to go all about and be as excited as we are with Christmas. At first I was like, yeah right! So I tried my best. The few days before I got a conference pack together for Makenzie along with a bunch of treats (some healthy, some not:)), a new CTR ring, a new book of Mormon with a new scripture case (pink of course), a little puzzle and some new crayons. All this cost me less than 10 bucks! All week see kept talking about how excited she was about conference and to hear the prophet talk. It was really awesome to see! It was something I hadn't experienced before. So that morning, ever Drew got into and made us an AMAZING breakfast. Mason took two naps those days... one during each conference:) No, it wasn't perfect, but it was darn close. I was so touched by the spirit through this experience. When our prophet said goodbye to us that last talk on Sunday, I had tears in my eyes because I truly didn't want it to be over. That was a first for me too! I have always loved conference, but it hasn't always been easy for me to sit through 8 hours of it:).
My little family is truly blessed by our Savior and we are very grateful. We move ahead with all the guidance given to us with hopeful hearts.

This is the AMAZING breakfast Drew made..YUMMY!

Fun times in the morning waiting for breakfast

More good times:)

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What a great thing Crystal. You are a great mom!!!!