Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lions and Tiger and Bears Oh My!

Our first trip to the Zoo! It was so much fun! It was the perfect morning, not too hot yet. In Boise that is hard to find. Makenzie was a little young to appreciate all of it, but man did she love certain things......

She is pointing to a frog that she thought was so cool, probably helped that they were on her level. The ones below are blue ones she loved too. She kept saying "blue frog" (but in her cute voice).
And of course the Giraffe.....SLIDE was a HUGE hit:) Dad was an awesome sport taking her down over and over.

The Tigers are really awesome too. She wanted to pet them.....
....but she settled for riding one:)

Mom was pretty cool too. Climbing through those things isn't as easy as I remember:)
Sometimes those darn fences were just too high!
All in all, we had a fabulous time! We took her to the gift shop after we were done and told her she could pick out any stuffed animal she wanted. Wow, that was a process I would rather not have to go through again:) How can a 2 year old make that decision?:) She choose her purple monkey and home we went.... what a day!

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Hollie said...

I miss going to the Denver Zoo. I am sure Gavin would appreciate it now that he's older. Looks like you guys had fun. I am glad you got away! I hope you have fun in Boise this week.